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Endrus Arge, CEO and Co-Founder of Silen, presenting the global reach of Silen's soundproof pods and workspace solutions with a map highlighting operations in 6 continents, 60 countries, and 6 regional warehouses.

The workplace is evolving. We're shifting away from quantity toward quality, prioritizing the human experience in office environment. The hybrid office provides fewer personal desks and more spaces for collaboration – comfortable booths for calls, cozy social zones, and pods for solo focus or small-group sessions.

We see offices evolving into places where people actually want to be, offering the connection, support, and focused environment they need to be productive. But how do we balance this new office of tomorrow with our growing commitment to environmental sustainability? Sustainability is no longer an afterthought – it's non-negotiable.

Thankfully, the office of tomorrow doesn't require a compromise. Here at Silen, we know that innovative design can simultaneously prioritize well-being, high productivity and environmental responsibility. 

Largest collection of privacy solutions

Silen offers the world's largest selection of office pods, not out of vanity, but to meet the diverse needs of work environments globally. It’s as intentional as it can get. Some of us require solitude for focused work, while others need collaboration without distracting those around them. Silence and focus are human rights and Silen brings them everywhere.

The Silen Space privacy pods are the premium offering for those who prize peace and quiet above all else. With market-leading noise reduction, they render the clamor of the streets into oblivion. Featuring extensive customization options and casters for easy relocation, they are quietly brilliant, indeed.

Our Chatbox product range stands out as the go-to for affordable luxury. It consists of the most essential elements of our premium products, thus offering the possibility of world-class focus even for companies with smaller budgets.

The newest Silen Bridges range extends the focus beyond privacy and quietness. These reimagined office room dividers craft a perfect mix of cozy corners for individual or group tasks, and open areas with excellent acoustics for mingling and chatting.

We take pride in our award-winning Silen Space Hybrid range, the world's first entirely wheelchair-accessible quiet zone. It delivers top-tier silence for up to four wheelchair users, showcasing our commitment to inclusivity and quiet excellence for all.

Silen Outdoor office pods extend tranquility beyond traditional office settings. Whether it’s in the serene vastness of a desert or amidst the quiet of the North Pole, we ensure that meetings can be held and silence can be found anywhere. With Silen, peace and quiet become portable.

Built for the long haul

Silen's privacy solutions offer cost savings, flexibility, and scalability by allowing updates, easy relocation, and modular expansion to meet changing business and team needs.

Refresh, Don't Replace: Our Silen Dynamics feature lets you swap out the exterior skin of your pod to revitalize your office without buying an entirely new unit.

Take it With You: There’s no need to leave your work haven behind or buy new pods when you change offices. Silen Space ‘all-integrated’ design allows the product to be disassembled and reassembled very quickly. Silen pods are mounted on casters for easy relocation, therefore, you don’t need a maintenance team when changing the room layout. Anyone on your team can do this. 

Modular for the Win: As your team grows or needs change, easily expand your pod without scrapping the old one. This is our meaning of Modularity.

Wellness with a conscience

Silen's commitment to safety, sustainability, and net-zero emissions by 2030 ensures healthier, eco-friendly work environments that meet the highest global standards.

Safety is Paramount: Producing our products we use only materials that meet the most rigorous international standards for human and environmental health.

Sustainability Inside and Out: Our 100% CarbonNeutral® certification and use of SEAQUAL® YARN fabric, made from marine plastic, reflect our commitment to the planet.

Net-Zero By 2030: Sustainability isn’t a one-time achievement, it’s an ongoing journey. Silen’s next big goal is to become a true net-zero company by 2030. While it’s still undecided what comes after, rest assured it will be equally ambitious.

The circularity advantage

Silen's circular economy practices offer access to high-quality products with minimal environmental impact, supporting sustainability and reducing ownership burdens.

Rent, Don't Own: Our office pod rental service Silen Rent embodies the circular economy, giving you great products without the need for constant ownership and its environmental impacts.

Pack It Up: We use only eco-conscious packaging and encourage distributors to return it for reuse and responsible disposal.

Maximum flexibility

Although each of the aforementioned products and its benefits is important on its own, the greatest magic arises from their interaction. True flexibility means that it’s not about a single pod or room divider, but about a sustainable, high-quality and intentionally designed workspace playground where organizations can assemble exactly the productive and focused work nest they need today, tomorrow, and 20 years from now. 

Permanently in Chicago

As a major next step in bringing our vision to life, we are opening a Silen Permanent Showroom in the heart of world architecture at THE MART in Chicago during NeoCon 2024 in June. This is going to be our largest display of products where everyone can step in and experience the future of workspaces firsthand. 

Step into the future of design at our permanent showroom, a masterpiece crafted in collaboration with the globally acclaimed design firm Kuchar. Located at Suite 10-155, we invite you to witness Silen innovation firsthand. For directions and more, visit THE MART's directions page.

We don't just create sleek, functional pods – we're actively shaping the future of work. One where sustainability, flexibility and well-being intersect to empower people and protect the planet.

Endrus Arge, CEO & Co-Founder of Silen

Learn more about our commitment to sustainability and our sustainability report.

Endrus Arge
Endrus Arge

Co-founder and CEO of Silen with 20+ years of experience in delivering market-leading office pods and privacy solutions to Fortune 500 companies. He writes about the future of workspaces and office space innovation. Connect with Endrus on LinkedIn.