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Silen is where bright, ambitious, and friendly people achieve great things. If your professional self thrives on innovation, responsibility, honesty, caring, and joyful collaboration, get in touch. Let's see where the conversation takes us.

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Endrus Arge, Silen Cofounder and CEO

A word from Endrus Arge, Silen Cofounder and CEO

Silen isn't just about office pods. It's about creating workspaces where amazing people can make a difference. A focused, inspiring, and innovative work environment shouldn't be a privilege, but a right. At Silen, we're shaping the future of how and where we work, and our team is always at the heart of it all. The more incredible people we have, the closer we get to that goal. So, I can't wait to meet you and see what we can achieve together!

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Driven, joyful team

Those who've met the Silen team tell us there's a different energy here. We tend to agree. Whether you can formally cultivate a certain culture, we don't know. Yet somehow, we tend to attract people that are incredibly driven and smart, but also playful and free from massive egos. Yeah, it's pretty great.

What to expect

Ambitious goals

Rapid growth brings great challenges and opportunities. It takes a certain kind of person who thrives in such an exciting, ambitious environment. You know who you are.

Contribution, meet reward

We're a growth company and are happy to share our success with all who contribute to it. Silen has an option program with a three-year vesting period. That's 25% shorter than most.


We're flexible with vacation time and provide support for gym memberships and other wellness initiatives. There's free lunch in the office, too!

Open positions

We're always hungry for talent. If you don't see any current openings that fit your background and skills, feel free to reach out anyway. You never know.

No open positions at this time
We're not hiring at the moment, but keep an eye on this page and our social media for future openings. Or send us your resume on spec and tell us how you'd like to contribute to Silen's success.
No open position for your profile?

We're growing fast. Even if it looks like we're not hiring at the moment, drop us a note. We're happy to consider you for a future role -- or even create one for you.