Silen Chatbox Single
Silen Chatbox Single
Silen Chatbox Single

Private canopy for one

When phone and video calls aren't meant for the entire office, this pod is a gift. Quiet, private, considerate.

1 person
Silen Space Hybrid controls
Chatbox solo door feature
Features you will love
Silen Chatbox Single product
Office noise
Chatbox single comfortable interior
Silen Space carbon neutral certification

A lower price doesn't mean skimping on quality. The entire Chatbox range remains faithful to Silen’s essential benefits, but fits into more conservative spending plans.

Silen Chatbox Single product

Chatbox single hanger feature

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Headspace in the workplace

When you need to focus in an open office, what do you do? From solo work to brainstorm sessions, it's easy to get distracted. Our modular office pods are quiet, private spaces where you have room to think and be productive.

Focus & privacy

Focus is a fragile thing. Silen office pods are modern, quiet, and comfy spaces that let individuals and entire teams do their best work. Cure mental overload with headspace on both sides of the pod wall.

Rented Silen Space 2 for a design studio
This design studio needed a closed room in an open office

Sustainably versatile

Modular, scaleable design. Swappable skins, trims, finishes, and furnishings. Designed to last 20+ years, our pods will easily keep up with changing times, from office redesigns to company relocations.

Fujitsu Estonia office with Silen Space office pods
Fujitsu reclaims privacy with Silen pods in open office

Made for wellbeing

After working from home during Covid, people see offices in a different light. Enjoyment and wellbeing spark good things. It pays to care about how people and how they feel. We design for both.

Silen Outdoor privacy room in Nordic Folkboat Gold Cup
Nordic Folkboat Gold Cup needed a race office and we provided
Transformed workspaces at 100+ companies

See how Silen elevates the work environment for growth.

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Silen Chatbox range privacy rooms
Chatbox Single tech specs
Silen Chatbox Single measurements
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100 x 222 x 100 cm

39.4 x 87.4 x 39.4 in


87 x 204 x 98 cm

34.2 x 80.3 x 38.6 in


300 kg / 661.4 lb