Silen Space 4
Silen Space 4

Stellar pasture for potent ideas

When important meetings, sessions, and exercises routinely involve up to eight people, this is the room-sized pod you want. Nothing leaks out, nothing seeps in.

1-8 people
Features you will love
Office noise

Noise stays out, chats stay in. “Alarm clock to quiet library” aptly describes the 43dB external-noise drop. Normal speech in the pod loses up to 34dB on its way out -- making snooping useless. Tested in real offices. And the world’s only approved ISO lab for such things in Finland.

Office noise

Furnishing options
Choose your workspace scenario

As Silen Space 4 seats up to eight, four movable laptop tables help adjust the space to your group's needs. From then on, nothing but results will break your focus: these pods have industry-leading sound reduction. Total eclipse of the noise.


  • Designer-friendly high-back sofas

  • Movable laptop tables (4 pcs)

Furnishing options
Choose your workspace scenario

In the Lunar Eclipse module, a larger integrated table creates a shared workspace for your meeting. Easier to spread out papers and gadgets, too. The pod's industry-topping sound reduction will keep outside noise from disturbing your peace.


  • Comfort-focused low-back sofas

  • Integrated table with antibacterial table top

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Space 4 tech specs
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240 x 229 x 242 cm

94 x 90 x 95 in


220 x 205 x 236 cm

87 x 81 x 93 in


1200 kg / 2646 lb