Silen Space 1
Silen Space 1

Personal escape pod

When you need focus on a call, office noise doesn't help. And your call can distract others nearby. Escape to the pod for silence and privacy.

1 person
Features you will love
Office noise

Noise stays out, chats stay in. “Alarm clock to quiet library” aptly describes the 43dB external-noise drop. Normal speech in the pod loses up to 34dB on its way out -- making snooping useless. Tested in real offices. And the world’s only approved ISO lab for such things in Finland.

Office noise

Furnishing options
Choose your workspace scenario

If you wish to connect your own devices and install your own screen to Silen Space 1, the Houston module is your perfect companion.


  • Screen bracket with full V/C readiness & extra face lights

  • Antibacterial table top

  • HAY Revolver stool or integrated stool

  • Electrically adjustable table (optional)

  • Dimmable lights & ventilation (optional)

Furnishing options
Choose your workspace scenario

A nod to solo space flight, this module is designed for pure, individual focus. It's a minimalist pod with a table and an integrated stool. Nothing distracts from your self-guided mission.


  • Fully integrated and adjustable stool

  • Antibacterial table top

Furnishing options
Choose your workspace scenario

Some work just takes longer. When that happens, the Apollo module will serve you well. Whether you work while sitting or standing, use electrical adjustment to find the most comfortable table height. Pro tip: use it to raise your laptop camera to eye level for video calls.


  • Electrically height adjustable table with antibacterial worktop

  • HAY Revolver stool

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  • Our installers set it up perfectly

  • 24/7 maintenance and support

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Space 1 tech specs
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110 x 229 x 110 cm

43 x 90 x 43 in


90 x 205 x 101 cm

35 x 81 x 40 in


370 kg / 816 lb