SIlen sustainability

Sustainable and loud about it

More than 20 years. That's how long we expect Silen products to last. From sustainable, ethically-sourced materials to CarbonNeutral® production and lengthy product life, Silen rejects both wasteful manufacturing and consumption.

We're working to lower our emissions and overall carbon footprint even further. From every stage of development to the end of our products' life, this commitment is non-negotiable.

Silen Zero – our sustainability program

Silen Zero is a development program that combines all our goals and contributions to a better tomorrow.

Silen Zero goes beyond environmental goals. It also covers ESG targets, progress monitoring, and team training. It also helps set an example for others just starting their sustainability journey.

Sustainability can’t be an afterthought. We treat Silen Zero with the same ambition, diligence, and effort as all other activities.

The more we achieve, the higher the bar. We can all push harder. The future doesn't just depend on it. It demands that we rise to the occasion.

CarbonNeutral®️ certified

To calculate our products' carbon footprint we use cradle-to-grave scientific method. It covers everything from material extraction, production, delivery, and product use until the end of its life.

To achieve carbon neutrality, we use in-house efficiency measures, renewable energy, and external emissions-reduction projects.

CarbonNeutral®️ certification covers all indoor office pods we make. Our Bridges and and Outdoor products are not currently certified.

Products made to last

Silen pods are built to be durable and have a long lifespan. To ensure that your pods keep up with changing times (and tastes), their look can be easily updated with Silen Dynamics. Hidden wheels make them a breeze to move, providing an instant scenery change.

Conscious resource usage

Each material that goes into Silen products must be durable, recyclable, safe, and sourced as locally as possible. Of course, with the Silen Zero program, our sustainability pledge extends much further.

Conscious choice of materials

Durable as our pods are, changeable surface skins help extend their life even further. in addition, all fabric in Chatbox furniture sets comes from SEAQUAL® YARN, a 100% post-consumer recycled polyester yarn containing SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC from SEAQUAL INITIATIVE.

Energy efficiency

Our office pods barely use electricity when on standby and need very little when in active use. Thanks to motion sensors, they know when to hibernate, keeping energy consumption to a minimum.

Circular economy services

With a Silen Rent subscription, Silen Space pods can live in your office without buying them. When you're ready to move on, they'll be removed and cleaned before finding a temporary home at another company. With Silent Rent Public, you can book a pod by the hour in a public place near you.

All Silen’s pods are certified CarbonNeutral®

Silen uses the cradle-to-grave model to scientifically calculate product footprint. To achieve carbon neutrality, we combine in-house efficiency measures, renewable energy, and external emissions-reduction projects.

Silen follows the Carbon Neutral Protocol to ensure that our claims of carbon-neutral action are clear, credible, and transparent.

Read more about The Carbon Neutral Protocol
Carbon neutral certification

Products made to last

Silen Space 1 privacy pod
Lifespan 20+ years

Too many products wear out quickly. In contrast, our pods are built to last at least 20 years -- more than double the average product lifecycle. It takes durable materials and a design that bakes mobility, modularity, and renewability right in.

Modular for easy upgrades

Flexibility and upgradeability are built into Silen pod designs. If you have several pods, they can be connected to create bigger meeting spaces. Later, the combined pods can be disconnected again.

Easily movable

A Silen pod won't get in the way of your office redesign. Moving them around is simple thanks to hidden wheels (patent pending). No need to hire professional movers or bodybuilders.

Re-furbishing a silen pod
Replace the skin, not the pod

When your Silen pod doesn’t fit into your new redesigned office, you can always recolor and re-furbish it. That’s right - with Silen Dynamics, you can simply change the look of your pod by ordering another cover. The interior can also be changed easily. All of these factors further extend the useful life cycle of our products.

Your own technology inside a pod
Free from aging technology

Relentless innovation makes even decent gadgets obsolete. Where other companies sell units with built-in devices, we're not fans of the approach. Instead of integrated third-party devices, our pods let you choose which technology to include -- and when to replace it.

Silen reusable packaging
Reusable and recyclable packaging

Packaging is unavoidable. But throwing it away is wasteful and wrong. We encourage distributors to return all Silen packaging for reuse. Such plywood packaging is like a weathered face: a badge of honor, and a story of a long life well lived. If it can't be returned, our packaging can be recycled locally.

Supporting the sharing economy

Silen Rent is made for the sharing economy. Customers use their pod as long as they need, after which it'll be removed, cleaned, and taken to the next customer.

Silen products are unique in that they're entirely renewable. Built to last for 20+ years, they can be easily updated with dynamic skins, never losing their fresh appearance or properties.

Learn more about Silen Rent
Supporting sharing economy

Conscious choice of materials

All materials used in Silen products are durable, recyclable, safe, and sourced as locally as possible. We're constantly working to increase the number of recycled materials across our portfolio.

We build our products with wood-based materials. Their suppliers must manage resources sustainably.

Silen has a strong preference for local manufacturers when choosing suppliers. This supports the local economy and lessens our ecological footprint. For example, our packaging partner happens to be located right next to our warehouse.

Conscious choice of materials

Floor finishes

Certified by CRI Green label Plus (for very low emissions of VOCs)

Acoustic foam

Our acoustic foam carries the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 label

All plywood

All plywood and other composite materials are CARB2 compliant

Furniture fabrics

All furniture fabrics used in Silen products carry the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 label and are EU Ecolabel certified