Silen Space Max
Silen Space Max

Big teams, deep missions

From focused planning and brainstorming sessions to a war room where team leads can tackle a crisis, it's big in here. In another life, this pod could be a loft.

1-8 people
Features you will love
Office noise

Noise stays out, chats stay in. “Alarm clock to quiet library” aptly describes the 43dB external-noise drop. Normal speech in the pod loses up to 34dB on its way out -- making snooping useless. Tested in real offices. And the world’s only approved ISO lab for such things in Finland.

Office noise

Furnishing options
Choose your workspace scenario

Nebulae are giant cosmic clouds that give birth to stars. In our Silen Space Max range, Nebula is a relaxed corner lounge. It's where your own stars may well dream up the world's next big thing.


  • Wrap-around sofa

  • Movable laptop tables

Furnishing options
Choose your workspace scenario

Supernovae are massive explosions of light and energy. In our Space Max range, Supernova sets up a meeting room worthy of your team's passion and persuasive power.


  • V/C ready screen bracket

  • Whiteboard

  • Extra door

  • Power socket + USB-A + HDMI on sidewall

  • Integrated meeting table

Furnishing options
Choose your workspace scenario

Galaxy is a sneak preview of the business lounge at a future spaceport -- without the eavesdroppers. A private space where comfort and shared purpose intertwine.


  • L-shaped Vega sofa

  • Storage unit on wall

  • Whiteboard with screen bracket

  • Movable laptop table Gaia (2 pcs)

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Space Max tech specs
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280 x 229 x 242 cm

110 x 90 x 95 in


260 x 205 x 236 cm

102 x 81 x 93 in


1500 kg / 3307 lb