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Eva Maimre, Martin Kull
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Silen’s office pods and privacy solutions are making waves across the design world! Whether you’re crafting a blueprint in pCon.planner, seeking sustainable BIM objects on Bimobject, or browsing the latest trends on Archiproducts, Silen fits seamlessly into your workflow. Our cross-platform presence ensures that creating exceptional, acoustically balanced focus spaces is easier than ever.

Find us within this industry’s leading hubs and discover their benefits:

pCon.planner: Creating and visualizing spatial designs
This design platform revolutionizes the way architects, interior designers, and resellers animate spaces, transforming concepts into reality. It enables to dive into a world where room layouts spring to life in 3D, detailed proposals are crafted with precision, and the latest product information from major manufacturers is just a click away. Whether sketching the skeleton of an office or a commercial space, pCon.planner helps to visualize and achieve design excellence.
Check out the pCon planner platform here.

Bimobject: BIM objects for building information modeling

It serves as a hub of information and inspiration in the architecture, engineering, and construction realms. This platform offers a rich repository of digital building products and materials, seamlessly integrating with design software. Catering to architects, engineers, contractors, and industry professionals, it encourages collaboration where ideas converge and projects flourish. It’s a platform for reshaping the landscape of construction on a global scale. Doing it faster, smarter and greener.
Take a look at Silen in Bimobject. 

Archiproducts: Online furniture and design store
It’s a center for professionals and enthusiasts in the world of architecture, design, and construction. With its vast array of curated products, ranging from furniture and lighting to building materials and accessories, it’s a wide-ranging resource for exploration. This platform not only showcases the latest trends but also provides valuable insights to guide users in their creative projects. Archiproducts simplifies the sourcing process, helping professionals and enthusiasts find the right products with ease.
Take a look at Silen in Archiproducts. 

Ready to enhance your workspace designs with sound in mind? Discover the world of Silen meeting pods across these leading platforms. 

And don’t forget to check out our configurator to build your favorite Silen pods mixing all available features and see how they perfectly match your environment using our virtual showroom.

Let those questions fly! Click here, we’re ready to lend an ear (or two).

Eva Maimre
Eva Maimre

Silen Brand Ambassador, Investor and a Strategic Marketing & Growth Leader. With a background at Google and Lufthansa, she writes about workspace wellbeing, ESG impact and office space innovation. Connect with Eva on LinkedIn.

Martin Kull
Martin Kull

COO and Global Growth Manager at Silen, with 20+ years of furniture industry expertise in growth and sales strategies, and award-winning product design. He shares insights on workspace innovation and sustainability. Connect with Martin on LinkedIn.