Silen is going to sell silence at Dubai EXPO 2020

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Silen pods in Dubai EXPO

We are happy to announce that Silen is joining the Estonian pavilion at Dubai EXPO 2020. Today our pods are used by Adidas, Maersk, Porsche, Spotify, Volkswagen Group and by many other renown enterprises. Our CEO and one of the founders, Endrus Arge explains:

“We grew fivefold last year and the growth is definitely continuing. We are the best in the market when it comes to soundproofing, acoustics and mobility, since our pods have wheels. The same applies to modularity which enables to alter Silen pod sizes within minutes.” That being said, one needs not to worry about the lack of fresh air since every module comes with an individual and fully automated air circulation system.

All Silen Space pods have wheels which create a fully new dimension when it comes to rearranging the pods in space and reconfiguring the pod modules – everyone can do it within minutes. Our EXPO goal is to introduce the newest products, to find global distributors and partners, and to use the EXPO exhibition as a platform to train our distributors across the globe.

“The space created by Silen is a very Estonian product – it embodies the need to spend time alone, to not disturb anyone and to not get disturbed. The Silen pod has become a completely mandatory tool in our EXPO office,” says Andres Kask, the head of Estonia’s representation at Dubai EXPO. It will definitely become an essential assistant in our Dubai pavilion where the entire world can experience that privacy and silence.”

Within a year and a half Silen has reached 26 countries and currently have 80+ distributors across the world. The potential client can use Silen’s configurator and the AR+ augmented reality app to place the pod into whichever space they need, to choose colors, sizes and details.