5 life-hacks to create magic in your workspace

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Open office with a pod being used for a meeting

No matter how cliché it may sound, we spend a great deal of hours at work. You know it, your partner (obviously) knows it and you wish your boss knew it, too. How to create magic in your second home and drift away from the everyday routines that leave your office with the description suitable for a modest bureau, instead of being a kick-ass modern workspace with, let’s say, a privacy pod and a phonebooth, which unites fabulous ideas, innovation and modern space? 

#1 Remember to breath fresh air 

Today, when talking about the awareness of clean environment around us more than ever, one simply can’t overlook the quality of air as one crucial factor reflecting the way we think and act. While reading this and feeling tired and dizzy, then, yes, this is the time for some fresh air. Stop for a minute, will you, as this is the time to breath. If a small walk outside your office building seems a bit too much, open a window every once in a while. Make sure, your office and meeting pod has top notch air circulation system that helps to keep a clear head even on a cloudy day. Go green, for a change and ask your boss to have more plants in the office as they are the true superstars in providing clean oxygen. 

#2 Create silence whenever you feel 

Let’s be honest about it, the noise around us has an effect on our ability to stay focused and on task. Studies truly reveal that office noise influences our effectiveness to stay productive. So instead of trying to stay cool and pretend not to be disturbed by that annoying sound your colleague from time to time does in the not-so-silent work hub, enjoy the 1-1 power-chat in a private office booth or enjoy unaccompanied silence at moments when you really need to sort out your thoughts during a busy working day over a call in an office phone booth. Feel free without being interrupted. 

Estonian company Silen offers one way for choosing and enjoying the silence. Yes, you heard it right.  “We sell silence. In fact, we also offer privacy, which is usually a big problem in open offices,” says Endrus Arge, the CEO. According to the man who knows the secret behind creating silence, in today’s world, blackout in terms of noise, is one of the greatest assets. Silence helps us concentrate and is a prerequisite for creativity. Silen Space concept offers soundproof office booths and meeting rooms, which makes the dream of silence in a workplace come true. “It is a great journey as today, our startup is successfully conquering the world with our product and our booths. Our cabins may be found already in the offices of Spotify, Amazon, Adidas and Maersk, for example,” the CEO adds. 

Remember the words of an anonymous wise guy: “Silence is a gift. Learn to value its essence.”

#3 Think minimalism

Not only in workspace but at your home, too. Get rid of that crap you don’t actually need. Go paperless and keep the bare minimum of stuff. Don’t overload your office with pieces of furniture that have absolutely no useful functionality. A nice armchair may look fab on a TV-show from the nineties but today we have reached a new decade. Think future. Think silent. Think office booth with minimalistic furniture instead of a…, well you say it! 

#4 Go with the right light

Let there be light as we very often lack of the light intake we actually need. Recent studies have shown that offices that are brightly lit with LED lighting stand strong for our well-being. Those of living at the far corners on the northern hemisphere, know the real value of light as the lack of sunlight may be depressing. Keep in mind, that the right light plays an essential key in creating a dynamic, creative and motivating work environment. Get the best spot in the workspace as the lights in Silen Space are based on economic LED technology while the smart automatics and the presence detectors take care of energy efficiency and user friendliness. By the way, if you know that you have to pull an all-nighter, increase the light intensity and quantity of bluish white light. Life-hack, we promise!

#5 Be flexible 

Loyal, dedicated and passionate team is the ultimate goal for every company, isn’t it so? A local company of 15 could be a global success-story of 30 in just a blink of an eye. Expansion also means flexibility in terms of the workplace you are used to change the future in with your revolutionary ideas. Teams grow, their needs constantly change, and ideas expand. This may also result in moving from one office to a bigger one. And even though we just asked you to consider thinking minimalistic, you may still wish to bring your best and meaningful equipment from a previous office to the new one. Silen Space is easily transportable with the hidden wheels. There is no need to spend time, work hours and money on building and decorating a meeting room. Privacy booth offers the flexibility to adapt to changing times. Endrus emphasizes that Silen is the only company providing booths with wheels. Such uniqueness is their great advantage and distinctiveness among competitors. 

Another big difference that Silen offers, is mobility, meaning that whenever needed, by adding modules, it is possible to easily increase the size of the booth. Once there isn’t such need anymore, one can simply make it smaller again. Endrus Arge claims that there is no need to worry about the lack of fresh air in Silen Space: “Each module is equipped with an individual fully automatic air exchange system.”