Virtual showrooms are the new shopping stage

Almondi Esco, Eva Maimre
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Silen Hybrid pod with next to a woman with VR glasses

Have you noticed how in-store shopping has become quieter than a theater during the off-season, with dust rollers doing solo acts? Despite the end of the pandemic, we’ve embraced the era of shopping from the comfort of our screens. Enter virtual showrooms – the trendsetters of retail!

Virtual showroom – what is it? 

It’s the behind-the-scenes magic of a physical showroom. Powered by 3D and VR, it enables you to connect in real-time, virtually view products from every angle, configure them the way you see fit, and receive recommendations during the buying journey. It’s a retail theater, providing the entertainment of a real-world showroom with added convenience.

Even in challenging times, innovation shines through. Virtual showrooms stole the spotlight during the pandemic as in-store shopping declined. Brands, forced to think creatively, reinvented safe shopping experiences while maintaining top-notch customer satisfaction. The show goes on, and virtual showrooms play a leading role!

In the consumer experience theater, virtual showrooms bring product buying to everyone without the need to travel. Brands can showcase their full range, providing a rich and inclusive experience unrestricted by space. According to a study by Accenture, three in five clients (61%) said they prefer buying from a brand that uses VR technologies.

Silen embraces the future of VR shopping 

In the changing landscape of the future, virtual showrooms are becoming the main attraction as businesses shift from physical to online displays. Meeting the expectations of tech-savvy shoppers, Silen steps into the limelight, matching the demand for immersive experiences. The retail stage is changing, and Silen takes a starring position!

Enter the captivating world of the Silen product range in our virtual showroom. Here, you can test out different setups for all Silen’s office pods to see how they perfectly match your environment. It enables you to take control of customizing your office or personal area. Consider it your exclusive front-row ticket to enjoy the immersive blend of privacy and focus.

Whenever and wherever you are, Silen’s virtual showroom gives you access to our premium quality havens of silence. Immerse yourself in lifelike scenes showcasing Silen privacy rooms’ performances—all on your screen. Discover how they easily match your style and fit your needs.

Silen office pods are the stars of endless customization. You can explore different skins, exterior materials, cover trims, interior colors, furniture options, door frames and much more. It’s a creative space where you can try out every possible version of these private sanctuaries and, most importantly, have fun with it.

Step in and take a walk in Silen Virtual Showroom and explore Silen privacy rooms, as if you were in the same captivating scene. 

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Almondi Esco
Almondi Esco

Head of Content at Silen, delivering the story of the world's largest collection of office pods and privacy solutions to global audiences across all platforms. He shares insights on workspace focus and office space productivity. Connect with Almondi on LinkedIn.

Eva Maimre
Eva Maimre

Silen Brand Ambassador, Investor and a Strategic Marketing & Growth Leader. With a background at Google and Lufthansa, she writes about workspace wellbeing, ESG impact and office space innovation. Connect with Eva on LinkedIn.