The Silen Permanent Showroom at THE MART, Chicago

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We're thrilled to announce the opening of the Silen Permanent Showroom at THE MART in Chicago during NeoCon 2024 this June. Step into our extensive display of products and experience the future of workspaces firsthand.

A Grand Showcase of Silence and Privacy

Spanning over 200 square meters, this impressive space in Chicago is your gateway to the world’s largest selection of Silen’s office pods and privacy solutions — second only to the Silen Innovation Hub in Estonia. It’s like stepping into a puzzle where all the pieces fit perfectly to create the ultimate sanctuary of peace and quiet.

The Silen showroom features our entire product range, including the latest and greatest: Silen Space New Generation and Chatbox New Generation privacy pods, and Bridges office room dividers. You’ll also find a wide selection of Silen Dynamics customization options and furniture selections that you can see and feel, letting you vibe with the best in the business.

Design Excellence by Kuchar

Our showroom is designed in collaboration with the acclaimed design firm Kuchar. Renowned for their work across the globe, Kuchar has crafted stunning spaces for offices, residential areas, and restaurants. Their prestigious client list includes Scandinavian Spaces, H.H.H. Showroom, and financial firms in the US, Singapore, and Europe. 

Known for their innovative and aesthetically captivating designs, Kuchar has brought their expertise to our showroom, ensuring it not only showcases our products but does so with a flair that speaks to the highest standards of design and functionality. With Kuchar’s touch, expect a space that’s as inspiring as it is practical.

The Historic Grandeur of THE MART

Welcome to THE MART, where the grandeur of the 1930s meets the buzz of the 21st century! Spanning over two city blocks and towering 25 stories high, this iconic building is a city within a city. Home to top design firms, tech giants, and Fortune 500 companies, it houses major players like Motorola Mobility, 1871, Yelp, PayPal, and MATTER, as well as ConAgra, Allstate, Kellogg, Beam Suntory, and Grainger.

It’s where history and innovation dance in a blend of commerce and creativity. Located in one of North America’s most significant architectural hubs, THE MART offers easy access to top interior designers, architects, and real estate developers from across the US and beyond.

Experience the Future of Workspaces

Seeing is believing, and the real magic happens when you experience our solutions firsthand. Sit inside one of our office pods, try out our room dividers that are actually uniters, and feel what world-class noise cancellation and well-thought-out workspace design truly mean. Once you experience the top-tier quality, silence, and privacy, you’ll find it hard to settle for anything else. 

The showroom is packed with surprises that you have to experience to appreciate, and thanks to Silen’s extensive sales network in the US, it’s easily accessible to all who are curious. Come explore the future of workspaces and discover how tranquility can transform productivity. Your perfect office environment is just a visit away.

Join Us at NeoCon 2024 in June

The Silen Showroom opens officially 10-12 June at NeoCon 2024. Expect surprises, exciting new product launches, gifts, and a grand opening party on Monday, 10 June, from 2 pm at Suite: 10-155, THE MART. 

Ready to explore? Dive into the world of Silen at THE MART and discover how tranquility can transform your space. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing our wonders with you. 

Let’s make workspace magic together!

Join us at Silen Permanent Showroom opening:

10-12 June, 2024
THE MART, Chicago
Suite: 10-155

For directions and more, visit THE MART’s directions page.

Eva Maimre
Eva Maimre

Silen Brand Ambassador, Investor and a Strategic Marketing & Growth Leader. With a background at Google and Lufthansa, she writes about workspace wellbeing, ESG impact and office space innovation. Connect with Eva on LinkedIn.

Martin Kull
Martin Kull

COO and Global Growth Manager at Silen, with 20+ years of furniture industry expertise in growth and sales strategies, and award-winning product design. He shares insights on workspace innovation and sustainability. Connect with Martin on LinkedIn.