The face-off: Silen Space 1 vs 1.5

Almondi Esco, Eva Maimre
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Space 1 and space 1.5 pod next to each other

While both Silen Space 1 and Silen Space 1.5 cater to solo working, they serve vastly different functions in your workspace. Curious about their special hooks? Here are the Top 3 differences between these solo superheroes of the office realm.

Timeless classic vs modern masterpiece

Premium phone booths such as Silen Space 1 are the timeless classic of any workspace. For Silen, they were the Top 1 seller in 2023. But judging by global office design trends, they are now giving way to the era of micro-offices, that don’t just offer enhanced functionality, but the ability to work uninterrupted on your own for a long period of time. This is where the Silen Space 1.5 shines, leading the way in ergonomic privacy rooms of tomorrow where you can concentrate in comfort up until the cows come home!

Quick hideout vs fortress of focus

Be it a phone call or a video chat, Silen Space 1 phone booth is designed for a quick escape from office noise and distractions. But when it comes to hours of back-to-back video meetings or private work that spans across the entire day, the functionality of a phone booth is just not cut out for that. That is exactly why Silen’s innovation team earthed the Space 1.5. There are times where instead of a quick escape, you need your own fortress of focus and solitude, where the battalion of constant workspace interruption can never break in.

Optimal vs ergonomic

As a phone booth, Space 1 offers you all the essentials for making all your quick phone and video calls private and comfortable. But when it comes to long-term work, ergonomics becomes the word of the day. Long-term work is all about ergonomic seating, ample legroom, and a table that can fit more than one cup of coffee next to your laptop. That is where Space 1.5’s design and function shine. It’s a privacy room that can transform into your personal office for hours, days, or weeks on end.

Shared delights

Distinctive features aside, both Silen Space 1 and Space 1.5 office pods share a multitude of premium privacy features such as continuous air circulation, first-class noise reduction, snap-and-style customization, and modularity. Not only that, they’re CarbonNeutral® certified, built to last 20+ years, and integrate only SEAQUAL® YARN fabrics sourced from marine plastic. So whichever function you go for, in terms of quality, privacy, and sustainability, you really can’t go wrong!

While you’re navigating the decisions, we’re your co-pilots in the world of workspace innovation and privacy. Got burning questions? Shoot them our way through this link!

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Let the podyssey begin!

Almondi Esco
Almondi Esco

Head of Content at Silen, delivering the story of the world's largest collection of office pods and privacy solutions to global audiences across all platforms. He shares insights on workspace focus and office space productivity. Connect with Almondi on LinkedIn.

Eva Maimre
Eva Maimre

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