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Almondi Esco, Eva Maimre
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Grab your confetti and join us in the celebration! Team Silen has hit the jackpot – not one, but two dazzling awards making waves globally. In a land where talking about yourself is a bit of a no-no, Silen is letting the awards do the talking. And they are speaking volumes!

A historical triumph: Archiproducts Design Awards

Silen has etched its name in history as the 1st Estonian company to receive the esteemed Archiproducts Design Awards. This annual honor celebrates the harmonious collaboration between designers and brands, recognizing their commitment to creativity, innovation, and sustainability.

Silen Space 4 Hybrid: the star of inclusivity

Silen received this high praise for the all-inclusive wheelchair accessible privacy room – Silen Space 4 Hybrid.

Not your typical privacy room

  • It’s the world’s first office pod range that complies with ADA/EAA standards. Simply put, it’s privacy that does not discriminate!

  • It doesn’t just talk the talk; it rolls the roll with a wider door that opens and closes automatically, featuring low thresholds for easy entry (no hurdles here!).

  • It introduces foldable tables and seats, creating a spacious and inclusive gathering area.

  • It shares the stage with Silen Space’s trademark features – noise reduction that’s off the charts, a modular design that’s the Lego of pods, and customization options that go on forever.

Ready to dive into the Silen Space Hybrid range? Click here for more fun!

Exporter of the Year 2023: Silen’s victory parade

But wait, there’s more! Silen has not only conquered the design universe, we’ve also been crowned the Exporter of the Year 2023 in Estonia’s yearly business competition organized by the Estonian Business and Innovation Agency and the Estonian Employers’​ Confederation.

It’s like winning the dance-off of businesses, and Silen is breaking out the fancy footwork!

Silen’s power moves: the expansion quickstep

We snagged this award for our serious power moves! The jury was blown away by Silen’s lightning-fast expansion into new markets, our non-stop product development, and a brand that’s stronger than your morning espresso.

Our dance card: high quality in megavolumes

Our exports are fueled by the ability to produce high quality products in volumes of 1000 and more, delivered faster than your Friday night pizza.

Silen’s business waltz

Corporate customers worldwide have put us to the test, and guess what?

We’ve aced it with:

  • Sublime noise reduction

  • World’s most prefabricated office pods

  • Lead and delivery times at mind-blowing speeds

  • Fastest and easiest assembly time in the sector

  • A commitment to true sustainability that goes beyond mere lip service.

Our pledge: keep the workspace party going!

The confetti may settle, but our pledge to push boundaries and set new standards in the workspace party scene is just getting started! The future of privacy is not just a buzzword, it’s a remix that Silen is orchestrating with style and innovation.

Drop us a line, hit us up, or send a carrier pigeon with your questions, ideas, or wishes. Let’s make some workspace magic together!

Photo credit: Erlend Štaub

Almondi Esco

Head of Content at Silen, delivering the story of the world's largest collection of office pods and privacy solutions to global audiences across all platforms. He shares insights on workspace focus and office space productivity. Connect with Almondi on LinkedIn.

Eva Maimre

Silen Brand Ambassador, Investor and a Strategic Marketing & Growth Leader. With a background at Google and Lufthansa, she writes about workspace wellbeing, ESG impact and office space innovation. Connect with Eva on LinkedIn.