NeoCon 2022 – innovation gets recognized

Mariann Pihlap, Marion Jõepera, Ph.D.
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For the third time already, Silen’s team flew across the world to be a part of NeoCon, the leading event in the commercial design industry. The event is mainly focused on showcasing new products and Silen was no exception. 

To be precise, we didn’t introduce only one new product but a whole new product range – Silen Space Hybrid. The new range shares the same values as the flagship Silen Space range but has additional functionalities that guarantee access to the pod for everyone. These include foldable chairs and table and a wider automatically opening door. All the above is important to make moving around in a wheelchair much more convenient than it has been until now. We are proud to be the first manufacturer of office pods to make that happen. 

Luckily for us, the judges of Best of NeoCon shared our thoughts and gave Silen Space Hybrid recognition that every manufacturing company desires – the Best of NeoCon Innovation award. It is worth mentioning that just last year we won the same award for MindSpa.  

The recognition for our innovative ideas didn’t stop there – just the next day we were acknowledged with NeoCon Business Innovation award. These were handed out for the first time by a group of discerning enterprise-oriented journalists who contribute to publications including Fast Company, The Economist, The New York Times, and Forbes. The jury determined the NeoCon Business Innovation winners based on the degree to which the solutions contributed to a more successful organization and better-built environment across verticals — from workplace to healthcare.   

We are very thankful for all the acknowledgment. This gives us even more motivation to bring innovative solutions.  

In addition to the awarded new Silen Space Hybrid range, there were plenty of other great updates launched

Mariann Pihlap

Head of Partner Relations and Marketing at Silen, delivering the Silen brand to top global resellers in 60 countries across 6 continents. She writes about workspace wellbeing and innovative office spaces. Connect with Mariann on LinkedIn.

Marion Jõepera, Ph.D.

Silen Brand Ambassador, Content Strategist, and Senior Copywriter. With a Ph.D. in using language for emotional engagement and background at Uber and Airbnb, she writes about human-centric workspace philosophy. Connect with Marion on LinkedIn.