How much will Silen save you?

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Silen privacy pods side by side

Along with the obvious time saving and productivity benefits that Silen Space office pods provide, there are other major benefits that some don’t consider.

Office pods and modular meeting rooms address unique problems that standard offices do not. Instead of employees needing to occupy a full meeting room for a phone call, they can use a soundproof phone booth. The days of small teams taking up the largest meeting room are coming to an end with the availability of modular office pods. So, what will happen to the cumbersome and rigid conference rooms of the past? Well, nothing, at least for the moment. The current generation of office pods and modular meeting rooms being offered by our competitors are just as rigid as the conference rooms they are trying to replace. They do not adapt to your needs. The only savings your company will realise are the construction and removal costs for partition walls. We understand how important it is for businesses to utilise their resources as effectively as possible, and that’s exactly what we want to do with our office pods. So how can we provide a product for businesses that addresses their needs more effectively?

Silen Spaces offer unique features that other companies cannot provide. Our interlocking design allows our office pods to connect like puzzle pieces. This means that if you need a bigger meeting room for a client brief, you can connect two of the same Silen Spaces together to create an even bigger meeting room. Or do you have small team meetings scheduled on a certain day of the week? The spaces easily disconnect and return to their original format.

It’s no secret – office space is expensive. This is one of the driving factors in most company’s decision to transition to open plan offices, with some estimates that the cost of office space per employee can run up to $16,000USD per year. In fact, we estimate that if you replace just one 8-person meeting room with a Silen Space 4, you can save a minimum of 250 square feet of space. Check out the table below to see how much money that translates to per city.

CityAve. Yearly Cost of 250 ft² of Office Space (USD)
San Francisco$26250
New York$38250

Our office pods allow you to maximise the benefits realised from open place offices, whilst still giving your employees the space they need to work.
Unlike other manufacturers, you do not need to keep space around the outside of your pod. You can push them together so they take up minimal space maximising your cost savings!

Get a quote here to see how long it would take for a Silen Space pod to pay for itself.