7 ways to boost your productivity

Mariann Pihlap, Marion Jõepera, Ph.D.
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Your mailbox is full of unanswered emails. Just thinking of your to-do list gives you a headache. There are also some important meetings to be held that you need to prepare for. Being productive in this chaos might seem impossible. Fortunately, you can complete all of these tasks and much more if you follow these tips: 

  1. Review your to-do list and approach colleagues

    Although you might feel like only trusting yourself with a task, others might gladly help you out. For example, if you need some easy research to be done, feel free to approach your colleague. They can look through the necessary material and give you an overview of the key points. That way you will save some of your time and your colleague is more informed about the ongoings inside the company. 

    After that make sure to prioritize the tasks you have left. 

  2. Estimate the time of each task

    If your to-do list is still very full after the previous step, there’s another way to make it shorter. There’s a big chance there are some tasks that only take you about 5-15 minutes to complete. In order to get an overview of it, we advise you to estimate the time of each task’s completion and write it down next to the task. 

    For example, there might be an email you have postponed answering for days which would really take you only 10 minutes. After you have an overview of the time estimates, start from the faster ones to make the list shorter.  

  3. Make all the big tasks smaller

    Looking at a big task that will probably take you days, weeks, or even months to achieve, you might feel overwhelmed and want to drop it even before starting. The key here is to break the big task down into smaller tasks so that you can feel the amazing sense of achievement more often and therefore feel more motivated to work. For example, if you have an exhibition coming up, don’t just mark down vague words like “work on the exhibition”. Set it down like this: 
    - Call the museum and talk about the possibilities – 10 minutes
    - Write a summary of the talk and add your suggestions. Then send it to colleagues – 15 minutes
    - Schedule a meeting with colleagues to discuss the plan. – 1 hour.
    - Get back to the museum with the fixed plan – 15 minutes.

    PS! To feel the accomplishment better, write your to-do list on paper so you can cross a task off! 

  4. Calendar

    Since you now know how to make your to-do list more efficient and enjoyable, it’s time to focus on your calendar. At first make sure to plan all the things from your big list. We advise you to schedule even the smallest things (which take you up to 10 minutes) because if you don’t plan it, you might not have time to do it. If you find yourself constantly interrupted by colleagues’ questions, ask them to schedule a meeting with you in order to not lose focus on your work. You should definitely schedule time for rest and lunch as well.  

  5. Set timer and focus

    Another thing many people find efficient is setting a timer. When you set a timer, you don’t have the opportunity to multitask. Without being said, that results in you being more focused and therefore more efficient. Turn off all the notifications for the time being so nothing will distract you. 

  6. Take breaks

    Changing environments can help with productivity as well. Don’t forget to take breaks every 45 minutes to stretch your legs and rest your mind. We also advise you to not eat lunch at your desk. You don’t have to go and eat in a restaurant; you can take your meal outdoors or even in the kitchen of the office. 

  7. Work in silence

    Many people have a hard time focusing with noises around them. That’s why they prefer to have their own office – to work in silence. Unfortunately, not all (or sometimes none) of the employees have this opportunity. This is where Silen comes to help – you can roll a soundproof Silen Space to wherever you need it. This way everyone can have peace and quiet whenever needed. 

Mariann Pihlap
Mariann Pihlap

Head of Partner Relations and Marketing at Silen, delivering the Silen brand to top global resellers in 60 countries across 6 continents. She writes about workspace wellbeing and innovative office spaces. Connect with Mariann on LinkedIn.

Marion Jõepera
Marion Jõepera, Ph.D.

Silen Brand Ambassador, Content Strategist, and Senior Copywriter. With a Ph.D. in using language for emotional engagement and background at Uber and Airbnb, she writes about human-centric workspace philosophy. Connect with Marion on LinkedIn.